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Latest News: Aarav Educational & Employment Research Organization, New Delhi The objectives provide for education and training in such branches of learning as it may deem fit for the purposes of empowering youth employment. To provide for research, consultancy and advancement of and dissemination of knowledge. To undertake extra mural studies, extension programs and field outreach activities to contribute to the development of society. To do all such other acts and things as may be necessary or desirable to further the objects of the Institute. To establish administer, and manage the Institute and to provide facilities for the efficient functioning of the Institute. To select, educate and train young talents for careers, research and development To promote, encourage and facilitate research programs and training in the field of education and empowerment. To open / run / manage institute / collage of higher / professional / vocational education in any part of the country for providing quality education and Assessment & training

Application Guide

This guide explains how to apply for grad study at AEERO, including how to complete the application form and provide supporting documents.