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Aarav Educational & Employment Research Organization (AEERO)

Established Since 2018 Regd. Under Indian Trust Act 1882 Registration No. 245/18 Under Govt. of NCT of Delhi NGO Darpan/ NITI Aayog, Unique ID: DL/2023/0352409

Mr. Rahul Soni

It is with great pride that I introduce the driving force behind the success of Aarav Educational & Employment Research Org (AEERO) – our exceptional Founder and Managing Director, Mr Rahul Soni.

Visionary Leadership: At the helm of AEERO, Rahul Soni has demonstrated visionary leadership, steering the organization towards a future defined by innovation, impact, and inclusive growth. Their ability to craft and communicate a compelling vision inspires us all. Passion for Education and

Employment: With a deep passion for education and employment research, Rahul Soni has been instrumental in AEERO’s mission to create meaningful opportunities for individuals. Their commitment to bridging gaps and empowering lives is the heartbeat of our organization.

Strategic Decision-Making: In the complex landscape of educational and employment research, Rahul Soni showcases strategic brilliance. Their decisions are driven by a profound understanding of the sector, ensuring AEERO remains at the forefront of positive change.

Innovative Solutions: AEERO’s commitment to innovation is a reflection of Rahul Soni’s forward-thinking approach. By fostering an environment that encourages creativity and fresh ideas, they propel AEERO towards pioneering solutions in the field.

Collaborative Spirit: Rahul Soni cultivates a collaborative spirit that permeates every aspect of AEERO. Their inclusive leadership style fosters a culture of teamwork, where each member contributes to our collective success. Commitment to Excellence: As Managing Director, Rahul Soni sets the bar high for excellence. Their dedication to upholding standards of quality and impact is evident in every initiative AEERO undertakes.


Mr. Rahul Soni

Founder & Managing Director

Mrs. Neha Khurana Soni

We are thrilled to introduce Mrs. Neha Khurana Soni, a dynamic and passionate young woman who currently serves as the Co-Founder at AEERO. Mrs. Soni brings a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm to her role, steering the company with innovation and vision. As a dedicated business entrepreneur, Mrs. Neha Khurana Soni has demonstrated remarkable leadership, driving AEERO to new heights. Her strategic insights and commitment to excellence make her a valuable asset to the organization. We applaud Mrs. Soni’s achievements and look forward to witnessing her continued success in shaping AEERO’s future.

Best Wishes

Mrs. Neha Khurana Soni