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Aarav Educational & Employment Research Organization (AEERO)

Established Since 2018 Regd. Under Indian Trust Act 1882 Registration No. 245/18 Under Govt. of NCT of Delhi NGO Darpan/ NITI Aayog, Unique ID: DL/2023/0352409

S NO.1. Fire and Safety Program: Programs CodeEligibilityDuration Action
1Diploma in Fire Technology & Industrial Safety OperationsDFTISO12th pass1 yearApply Now
2Diploma in Industrial Safety management, DISM12th pass1 yearApply Now
3Diploma in Occupational Safety Health & Environment Management DOSHEM12th pass1 yearApply Now
4Sub fire Officer SFO12th pass with 1 year Diploma in fire safety1 yearApply Now
5FiremanCFO 10th pass 6 moths Apply Now
S NO.2. Safety Management & Disaster Management Program Programs CodeEligibilityDuration Action
1Advance Diploma in Industrial Safety ADISBSc. Science/Ploy. Tech. Dip/ B.E/B.Tech1 yearApply Now
2Advance Diploma in Fire & Life Safety AuditADFLSAGraduate1 yearApply Now
3Advance Diploma in Disaster Management ADDMGraduate1 yearApply Now
4Advance Diploma in Occupational Safety Health & Environment ManagementADOSHEMGraduate1 yearApply Now
5Advance Diploma in Oil & Gas Safety Management ADOGSMGraduate1 yearApply Now
S NO.3. Hospitality Management Program Programs CodeEligibilityDuration Action
1Diploma in Health Sanitary Inspector  DHSI12th pass1 YearApply Now
2Diploma in Multi-Purpose Health Worker Male & Female DMPHW12th pass1 YearApply Now
3General duty Assistance  GDA10th pass6 monthsApply Now
S NO.4. Management Program Programs CodeEligibilityDuration Action
1Advance Diploma in corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability    ADCSRSGraduate1 YearApply Now
2Diploma in Food Safety & Quality ManagementDFSQM12th pass1 YearApply Now
3Advance Diploma in Food Safety & Quality ManagementADFSQMGraduate1 YearApply Now
4Diploma in Airport management DAM12th pass1 YearApply Now
5Diploma in Aviation Management DAM12th pass1 YearApply Now
6Advance Diploma in Supply chain Management  ADSCMGraduate1 YearApply Now
7Advance Diploma in project Management ADPMGraduate1 YearApply Now
8Diploma in Temple management DTM12th pass1 YearApply Now
9Hotel Management & Catering TechnologyDHMCT12th pass1 YearApply Now
S NO.5. Computer Program Programs CodeEligibilityDuration Action
1Diploma In Computer Application DCA12th pass1YearApply Now
2Advance Diploma In Computer Application ADCAGraduate1YearApply Now
3Computer Operators and Programming AssistantCOPA10th pass1YearApply Now
4Diploma In Digital Marketing DDM12th pass1 yearApply Now
5Certificate In Digital Marketing CDM10th pass6 MonthsApply Now
S NO.6. Beauty and Wellness Program: Programs CodeEligibilityDuration Action
1Certificate & Diploma in Hair Dressing C&DHD10th Pass/12th pass3/6 Months, 1 yearApply Now
2Certificate & Diploma in Professional MakeupC&DPM10th Pass3/6 MonthsApply Now
3Certificate & Diploma in Beauty Therapy C&DBT10th Pass3/6 MonthsApply Now
4Certificate & Diploma in Spa Therapy C&DST10th Pass3/6 MonthsApply Now
5Certificate & Diploma in Nail Art & Extensions C&DNAE10th Pass3/6 MonthsApply Now
6Certificate & Diploma in Eyelash ExtensionsC&DEE10th Pass3/6 MonthsApply Now
7Certificate & Diploma in Salon & Spa ManagementC&DSSM10th Pass6 Months/1 yearApply Now
8Certificate &Diploma in Cosmetology C&DC10th Pass3/6 MonthsApply Now
9Diploma in Ayurveda Beauty Care DABC12th pass1 yearApply Now
10Advance Diploma in CosmetologyADC12th pass1 yearApply Now
S NO.7. Accounting, Banking and Finance Program Programs CodeEligibilityDuration Action
1Diploma in Accounting & Finance DAF12th pass1 yearApply Now
2Certified Microfinance professionalCMPGraduate1 monthApply Now
3Certified Financial Management Professional CFMPGraduate1 monthApply Now
4Certified Financial Services Marketing Professional CFSMPGraduate1 monthApply Now
5Certified Project Finance Analyst CPFAGraduate1 monthApply Now
6Certified Financial Management Professional CFMPGraduate1 monthApply Now
7Certified Financial Services Marketing Professional CFSMPGraduate1 monthApply Now
8Industrial Accounting with Tally IAT12th pass1 to 3 monthsApply Now
9Retail Sales AssociateRSA12th pass1 to 3 monthsApply Now
10GST PR actioner GPA12th pass1 to 3 monthsApply Now
11Debt Recovery Agent DRA12th pass1 to 3 monthsApply Now
12Account ExecutiveAE12th pass1 to 3 monthsApply Now
S NO.8. Others Program Programs CodeEligibilityDuration Action
1Diploma in Early childhood care and Education DECCE12th pass1 YearApply Now
2Diploma in Employability skills Management DESM12th pass1 YearApply Now
3Diploma in leather and footwear Technology DLFT12th pass1 YearApply Now
4Diploma Primary Teacher Training DPTT12th pass1 YearApply Now
5Diploma in Naturopathy and Yogic ScienceDNYS12th pass1 YearApply Now
6Diploma in Naturopathy and Yogic ScienceDNYS10th pass2 YearApply Now
7Certificate in solar PV Technician. CSPT12th pass1 to 3 monthsApply Now
8Certificate in solar Maintenances & Operation CSMO12th pass1 to 3 monthsApply Now